Join us as we support the youth of today by building a strong sense of team.

See a club member for tickets for the yearly Raffle, proceeds to the county and to our club for trail projects.

Call Mark Sloggy
(414) 507-3836

Raffles  and events


Jockeys Snowmobile


Our mission

Brat fry's to raise money for our youth groups. .

got a passion?

Haygon 2019 is November TBD th, meet at John and Jessie Brinkmann's house at 5PM.

The purpose for which the club exists shall be to secure snowmobile trails and develop such trails over public, leased and privately owned lands.

Oconomowoc Throttle Jockeys shall promote snowmobiling as the great family sport it is through club sponsored events, a safety program, effective self policing and through membership in county and state associations.

Oconomowoc Throttle Jockeys will work with snowmobilers to install among them a respect and understanding of rights and problems of the private landowner and the public in general.